Content Library

Drifting around furries, eating donuts from drones and Naruto running. Hello custom content.

The Ask

TikTok is anything but expected. The team had a difficult time finding stock imagery that represented the vibe and creativity found naturally in the content found on the app. They needed help creating a custom asset library that they could leverage across marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

We needed to create a wide aperture of content that represented all different types of content that represented niche communities found on the app. We needed to differentiate this content from anything you would find on any stock image site.

The Approach

We developed a creative lens that established various rules that would guide us across all of the custom content that we would create. No fancy lighting equipment, no models, avoid flattering angles, no contrived set design and the list went on.

We set out to capture the essence of TikTok, with our lens guided by an improv of moments and pure expressive behavior from our creators we worked with.

Reaction is everything

That split moment where you can't believe your eyes. It's not pretty, but oh is that shit joyful looking. We we're over the perfectly posed photos, and needed to get the real deal. We handed our talent a phone and let them watch TikTok videos as we fired away.

Highlighting Trends

Trends pop off daily. So to capture ones that would be relevant across the course of time took a back seat to just leaning into creators expressing themselves and having fun.

Creativity and self expression is the barrier to entry on TIkTok. Let go, jump in and express yourself.


The cost for attention is creativity. Capturing a wide aperture of inspiring creators at work brought to life the possibilities of the new creator economy.

An active community is popping off on TikTok, so we took the opportunity to get some creators in action. It was pretty motivating to get that body movin'.


TikTok has an active community that spans a range of sporting activities. We captured a blend of traditional and out their action based imagery.

Show us those fur babies.


The center of attention for most of us, our pets are the highlight of coming home. We worked with a variety of fur babies to bring to life the vast array of popular pet creators on the app.