"Are you hungry?" said the little sheep, "Yeah man, I'm starving" said the wolf.

We eat, sleep and breathe TikTok. Let's slay.

Welcome to the TikTokitchen! All we need from you are your brand ingredients & we'll create a recipe to build connection between you & your audience.

What's TikTokitchen?

It's the kitchen where we bake with nothing but raw contents, a splash of self expression with a dash of fun. All items are served up with a slice of trends, comments and pure vibessssss.

Who can cook here?

We are brand fluid and invite all shapes and sizes to bring their dreams to the kitchen. New to TikTok? We can help launch you. Already been on the platform for a while but looking for that secret sauce? We got you. 

How does it work?

All you got to do is jump in. Our team of creatives will work with your brand team to understand your challenges & objectives. Together, we'll develop a framework for pure freedom of expression so you can shed that confining "brand prison" you've built for yourself outside of this app. In no time, you'll be serving up five course memes in collaboration with the planet's best creators. We're preheated to 450...It's time to have your cake and eat it too.

We speak "Creator"

In addition to living & breathing the TikTok platform, our team speaks "Creator." We provide expert level experience in concepting, supporting or directing Creators for brands. Whether it's newbies, up-and-comers or top TikTok legends, Channel can help Creators make authentic TikTok magic that builds your brand.


Content creation online is no longer a one way street. No other platform proves this better than TikTok when incorporating new trends, understanding platform etiquette and listening to comments can be as important as your teams content creator. We develop content that connects to your community and encourages engagement. Content that is talking with the audience and not at them.


Heavily planned productions with stakeholder sign-offs, quickly made content responding to comments, shot on a sound stage or with an iphone, for us production value is a palette and not a constraint. As an agency who has intimately collaborated with TikTok since their launch, we understand what it means to be vulnerable, authentic and raw TikTok style.

Helping brands with all their TikTok needs from soup to nuts since 2017.



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Content Production

Community Management

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Creator Collaboration

Creator Casting

Creator Contracting

Creator Amplification

TikTok is raw, real and fast. Our team has the ability to move at the speed of TikTok because we helped build the brand. The proof is in the pudding, read how we made people's day all over the planet here.

Why TikTok?

We could copy and paste graphs, charts and all kinds of impressive data as to why you should be on TikTok. Instead, we thought you could just google that, so here's a more insightful article on the NY Times about a global campaign we created for TikTok For Business about how TikTok has impacted small businesses around the globe.