This Is Real

On TikTok, there are real people just like you. And something really special happens when they're on TikTok...

The Ask

With potential users still asking why they needed another app on their phone, we were tasked with communicating what made TikTok unique and why it deserved consideration.

The Challenge

What made TikTok different than other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, which represented more polished influencer and celebrity content, is that TikTok is raw, unfiltered and real. We needed to communicate that on TIkTok, people are truly their authentic selves without the pressure of curating an aesthetic or living their “perfect lives.

The Approach

We created “This Is Real”, a campaign that shined the spotlight on real TikToker's. We worked with creators of all different ages, backgrounds, and identities. The only thing uniting them was how normal they were. And, of course, how much fun they have on TikTok.

For casting, we worked closely with the brand and PR team to select the right mix of Real TikTok users. The criteria was to select a group that was real, doing their own thing in a unique way and represented and inclusive point of view.

To support our 30 second anthem spot, we created individual 15sec hero spots for each of our real TikToker's that would be used in both paid and organic media.


What better way to send the message that TikTok is about real people than to put our featured creators in some of the most expensive OOH ad placements where celebrities and models usually appear. We took over the Time Square tunnel from end to end in NYC to feature all of our creators in a triptych of digital boards where we broke out our :15 sec videos. The impressions were through the roof and encouraged a transient audience to download the app while waiting for their train to arrive.