Stop Searching!

Introducing our Lean Back Technology™. The more you watch, the better it gets!


TikTok seemed complicated to new users, so the brand needed help communicating how effortless to use it actually was.


What made the app so amazing was it's tech and ability to quickly learn and tune to a viewers liking and interest. We needed to communicate how powerful the app is without getting into a boring and complicated functional explanation.


To uncomplicate the technical explanation of how great the app was, we branded it in a fun and light hearted way, "Lean Back Technology™", and brought it to life with the supporting line "The more you watch, the better it gets." To bring it all to life we created a fictional character who was a doctor that offered the solution of curing search paralysis with this amazing new "Lean Back Technology™". Leaning into the emotional feeling you get when watching TIkTok, the rest of our characters literally laughed their asses off through our entire campaign because all they had to do was stop searching and start laughing!

We created an Anthem film infomercial style, where we had our Dr. tell our audience how to stop suffering from search fatigue.

Still Photography

Alongside the broadcast commercial, we captured still photography to be used in print OOH and digital display.

We took over Bristol in the UK and Time Square in NY with larger than life reactions across massive OOH placements that drew a ton of attention.

Bringing our DrHumzaLOL character to life in OOH was key to connecting to our broadcast spot. All over the city, he was on a mission to end search fatigue with our prescriptive ads.