Safety Series

Internet safety is a top priority when it comes to understanding how to control your TikTok feed.

The Ask

TikTok is dedicated to keeping their community safe. They have committed allot of resources to empowering the user and needed help shedding light on that.

The Challenge

For the content to resonate with the community and pick up as much interaction and exposure as possible, the videos we were to create needed to feel native to the app and something everyone could relate to without feeling like a tutorial.

The Approach

We collaborated with top creators on the app to bring to life the safety tools intent and functionality in a raw, fun and informative way. The first series of videos were so successful, it ended up turning into a three part series.

We flew an all-star cast of creators in from around the globe to bring to life our 3 part series on TikTok's dedication to community safety on the app.

Focusing on bringing to life accessible tools within the app in an easy to understand and fun way was key to the success of the series. Collaborating with creators to bring to life our skits proved to resonate with the TikTok community as a whole.