Make Your Day

You know those small moments, like finding 20 bucks when you're running late to work.

The Ask

We have been working with TikTok from launch in 2017, and have helped shape TikTok’s identity as it grew into the app we all know and love today. In 2018 after picking up quite a bit of steam, TikTok still found it difficult to communicate their emotional value proposition and asked us for some help in developing a new brand tagline.

The Challenge

We were asked to help craft a new tagline that would communicate their wholesome, lighthearted spirit that would resonate with a wider audience. At the time, raw content on the platform was still new, and its value was not really understood beyond GenZ, so we needed to create a tagline that worked for a wider audience but didn't lose its soul.

The Approach

First, we looked at our strategic insights about TikTok and other competing apps. If platforms like Instagram and Facebook left you feeling depressed and inadequate, TikTok had an opposite effect. Just a few seconds of weird and wonderful TikTok videos could easily make your day.


We seeded real TikTok creators throughout the spot to create an inclusive, fun and real vibe. We hid @jacibutler, @mahoganylox, @tjblk and more as easter eggs throughout the campaign like @rubasworld for our V/O.

“I LOVE working with CHANNEL! They truly understand the culture of TikTok”

@rubasworld — Popular TikTok Creator

We amplified the new tagline launch with contextual OOH focusing on real life feel-good moments that everyone could relate to.

Still Photography

Alongside our marquee video deliverables, we captured a collection of still photography to help bring the campaign out of home.

Super Bowl

With the success of the first Make Your Day tagline launch campaign, we were asked to run it back for the Super Bowl in 2020. We carried over our V/O and messaging strategy from the first campaign and integrated it into a real, down to earth spot featuring real people, and not celebrities. It helped position TikTok as a place where real people could express themselves and make their day.

We helped TikTok lean hard into "Make Your Day" as brand efforts expanded in 2020 by creating their Super Bowl campaign, comprised of a :30 second Anthem video, digital and physical OOH and creator integration.

Still Photography

Alongside our marquee video deliverables, we captured a collection of still photography to help bring the campaign out of home.


To couple our broadcast spot, we captured the vibes of our super fans by relating to how they truly feel on game-day and connect TikTok to the experience.

When the Pandemic hit, the new tagline served as a great foundation for a much needed uplifting message. Looking at the campaigns from other brands during this time, it was obvious that the same depressing tone was resonating across the media landscape. We took this opportunity to flip the script with TikTok's raw and relatable vibe even in the most difficult of times.

Small Moments

In a time where concerts were cancelled, people couldn't see their loved ones and nurses were getting scars on their face from wearing masks all day, people started to realize that it was the simple things that matter most. A hug from a friend, a high five from your teammate or even just a simple get together were all the things people longed for. On TikTok, people could enjoy small moments to make their day when everything else was on lock down.