Transforming a sampling tour into content magic.


IZZE needed to up their product sampling game to meet the expectations of their hyper-social Gen-Z audience. So, they tasked us with reimagining one of the oldest plays in the marketing strategy book.


The audience we were after wants more than a two dimensional interaction. We had to find a way to pull engagement, reach, and brand value out of a limited tactical budget.


A series of live brand experiences with a strategy to engage both in IRL and online.

We took our event all around California, hitting up food festivals, music fests, and even crashing VidCon with our creator takeover.

CHANNEL teamed up with big names like @Shaundoesmagic to throw meetups for fans. This partnership wasn't just a hit in person; it also allowed his 21 million followers to engage with our booth online.

Social Mechanics

We had exclusive giveaways and prize grabs, playing throughout the day on Instagram stories. It gave the crowd a reason to help spread the word and grow our reach naturally.