Getting to the heart of an industry disruptor's value proposition one reaction at a time.

The Ask

Communicate the value of the cameo experience to compel gifters to make a cameo for their friends and families instead of just buying a physical gift.

The Challenge

Cameo needed help tackling complex brand messaging to overcome a negative brand perception in the marketplace. At the same time their biggest time of year for sales was right around the corner. The ask was to create a campaign that created clarity around Cameo's value proposition with a clear call to action.

The Approach

We reworked the brand's messaging system and crafted a new tagline that would serve as the platform for a fully integrated campaign to change brand perception and drive sales.

Gone are the days of autographs, stock shout-outs, or just liking celebs on social media. The new era of celebrity engagement is here. It’s all about creative collaborations. You don’t just follow a celebrity. You feature them.

You don't send a cameo because it's a well-known gift or an expensive gift. You send it because it's a one-of-a-kind gift that brings a piece of your friendship to life.

Cameo is magic and the reactions prove it. We created an anthem film that showcased how Cameo is the perfect gift.

Working from the ground up, we rebuilt cameo's brand system to support our holiday campaign.

Audio Ads

We worked with Ice-T, Gilbert Gottfried & Kenny G to create audio ads for Spotify & Pandora. The personality of voices were so recognizable that they outperformed expectations.

We worked with the user growth team at cameo to create a templatized design system to amplify their lower funnel campaign efforts. These assets would be customized for specific celebrities owned social profiles.